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How does this work?

Here it is in a nutshell:

1) Clothing:  You get 40% of what we sell items for after they sell (90 day consignment period)

2) Toys and Furniture:  You get 50% of what we sell it for after they sell (120 day consignment period)

3) All items must be clean, sanitized, free of spots, stains, holes, etc...

4) Clothing must have been purchased new within the LAST 3 YEARS and season appropriate.

5) Furniture:  remove pads/straps. Wash on a gentle cycle by itself and let it air dry. Clean and sanitize the complete body of the furniture (pay close attention to crevices where food/debris settles in)

What seasons do you take?

January - June: Spring and Summer clothing.

July - December: Fall and Winter clothing.

When can I bring my items in?

You MUST make an appointment to bring items in.

Do I wait while my things are being looked at?

Yes, you are welcome to shop around while your items are being looked at. 

If I drop my items off when an owner isn't in, when will I find out about what was taken and what wasn't?

You need to call to check on the status of your drop-offs. If your items are left over the weekend, please call after 1:00 pm on Monday. 

What is consignment?

With CONSIGNMENT, you will get 40% of the purchase price for clothing after your items sell and 50% of the purchase price for toys, furniture and accessories. Items are on consignment for 90 days. You can check on your consignment account at any time. If you have money on your account, you may use that money towards the purchase of items in the store, or you can be issued a check on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

If I do consignment, how do you know what items are mine?

Each Consigner is assigned a consignment number. Each of your items will have it's own item number and description. It is very simple to locate which item belongs to you.

What if my Consignment period is over and I want my things back?

We leave it up to you to go through the store and find your own items. We can easily tell you what hasn't sold, and a general location of where you can find that item. Unfortunately, our staff is very busy, and do not have time to locate unsold items.

I don't want my unsold Consignment items back. What happens to it after the Consignment period is over?

After 90 days, any unsold Consignment items that have not been picked up will automatically become property of Back On The Rack and may be donated to a charitable organization. Tax donation receipts may be picked up upon request.

I'm cleaning out my kids' closets and dressers. Can I just shove it all in a big trash bag and have you go through it?

No. This is how it works.

1) YOU need to go through your items before you bring them in to make sure that they are clean, season appropriate and free of any stains, spots, holes, pet hair or nasty odors (mildew, cigarette smoke, pet odor, etc...)

2) It is preferred for clothing items to be laid flat with all buttons, snaps and zippers fastened.  If there is a set, please have all pieces together.

3) If we start going through your items, and they don't appear to follow our guidelines after looking at the first few pieces, we will promptly give them back to you.

4) Due to the recent COVID outbreak:

FOR THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS, ALL of these guidelines MUST be followed before bringing items into our store.

Clothing: must be freshly laundered and CLEAN and dry.

Furniture: All pads must be removed and laundered. Body of furniture must be cleaned, sanitized and free of any soils, food, dirt or other foreign substances.


If you do your part at home, we'll do our part when you bring your things in. It's as simple as that.

I've got a lot of baby clothes that my child has only worn once or twice. Great stuff like Carters, Cat & Jack and Walmart brands. Why won't you take them?

Our clothing selection from sizes 0-2T is tremendous. Think about it. Whenever anyone has a baby, they get overloaded with infant clothing as gifts, creating a surplus of baby clothes. Most people will not buy used clothing as baby gifts. This is why, for sizes under 2T, we will only take:

Major name brand clothing (Gap, Nike, Osh Kosh, etc...)

Season appropriate items that are NEW with Tags

We WILL accept off-brand PREEMIE clothing, as long as they follow our guidelines of condition and seasons.

My son is 5. I was saving his stuff for our next child. I'm now pregnant with a girl. Can I bring his clothes in for Trade or Consignment?

No. Due to styles changing every year, we will only accept clothing that has been purchased new within the last 3 years.

I've heard that it is unsafe to buy a used crib. Is this true?

No. Used cribs are perfectly safe to use, as long as it meets all federal safety standards and guidelines. This is true for both new and used cribs.

As of June 28th, 2011 ALL cribs that have a railing that drops down are illegal to sell in the United States. Only cribs that have stationary rails can be sold.

Do you accept used car seats?

Yes. We only accept car seats that are 2 years or newer. We go by the manufacturer date printed on the car seat. Car seats must be clean and in good working order.

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